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easy tigers

artwork in the hallway to the toilets in fabulous cross-Asian restaurant “Monsoon Poon”… difficult to photograph sorry!

monsoon tigers

Monsoon mural

the future?

here’s a sweet landscape for the chill-out deck area of Crossfit gym in Newmarket, based loosly on the landscape of Auckland with the Domain in the centre, which is opposite the gym..

Hot fresh murals

Here’s a Tuscan rural scene painted as a feature in an Auckland office space.  I love doing this type of mural!

Auckland graffiti art mural

.. and this one In Crossfit gym, Newmarket… character painted by my talented colleague Elliot Stewart

Crossfit graffiti art mural

Poolside mural

this is from late last year, just realised i hadn’t shared it yet!  Painted at a private residance in Auckland City.

poolside mural NZ