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sprayed art

I painted this “AUSA” piece live at Auckland Uni’s Orientation weekAUSA graffiti art painting

and this commissioned canvas of a Tiki with Mexican skull make-up and sitting in a lotus flower!  I elways enjoy delivering on an unusual request 🙂

Hot fresh murals

Here’s a Tuscan rural scene painted as a feature in an Auckland office space.  I love doing this type of mural!

Auckland graffiti art mural

.. and this one In Crossfit gym, Newmarket… character painted by my talented colleague Elliot Stewart

Crossfit graffiti art mural

TMD – World Champions for 2nd Time!

Winning Write4Gold Wall by TMD (NZ)

Begin Press Release –

Congratulations are in order once again for New Zealand graffiti crew TMD (The Most Dedicated), who triumphed at the World’s Largest Graffiti competition at Splash Festival in Germany on the weekend. Artists Askew, Disruptiv Music’s own Pest5, Deus, Addict, Gary Grouch and Sirum (AUS) were defending their title as world champs which they won in 2006.

Crews are judged on their concept wall (60%) and a crew representative is sent to compete in each sketch (15%), throw-up (15%) and tagging (10%) battle. Twelve crews were whittled down to seven for the final. This year’s phrase for the concept wall was “Make It Funky” and crews painted using the same colour palette over an eight hour stretch. A new and improved judging system allowed 70% of the scoring to be based on crews judging each other, removing any favouritism calls from defeated teams.

TMD placed first in the concept wall and well-respected Grey Lynn artist Deus is now officially the best tagger in the world – his family are very proud. Copenhagen Connection (Denmark) placed second overall, with Gipsy Kings from Romania placing third overall.

pest5 at w4g

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