Wall art and more

Here’s some of my pieces form the last week or two.

Another office feature wall for Perceptive Research, this one’s in their boardroom:

NZ office art
This one’s an interior mural in an enclosed space, where I’ve created the illusion of french doors opening out to the harbour:

feature wall art

A monster truckin’ Happy Birthday banner:

Auckland birthday banner
…and another difficult-to-photograph piece for Auckland’s Monsoon Poon Restaurant, this one’s in the ladies room.

Ladies room


Winter warming graffiti art

Spring is starting to spring, which means outdoor mural season is nearly here!  I was fortunate to go do some graffiti art in a chain of shops in the warmth of Hong Kong, and plenty of other bits and pieces here too…

A background for Buddha in a backyard:

backyard Buddha

A power box outside Edukid’s creche in Manukau, with part of a large fence mural visible behind it:

creche power box
A blackboard down at Conservatory bar:
Conservatory rant
And a super duper birthday banner for a lucky kid:
Superhero birthday banner

Murals and travel

I just had a lovely relaxing week in Queenstown… before that, painted these two murals in Taupo:

Taupo troutTotara Taupo mural
Here’s a chalkboard for a new cafe just round the corner from where I live in Newton, Auckland:

Cafe chalkboard

And now I’m off to do some art work in one of the greatest cities of the world.. Hong Kong!!

more new art

Here’s some more of my recent work…

An office feature wall for cutting-edge research company Perceptive:

perceptive office mural
A power box in Newmarket, based on an old NZ stamp design:

kiwi power box
..and the front wall of Junior Junction creche:Junior Junctiontuatara


Birthday banners and more

Another simple piece for Crossfit Kia Maia Hold Fast gym..

Crossfit Kia Maia
A graffiti canvas, 1200 x 1500mm for a young man with the sweet last name “King”…

graffiti on canvas

…and a couple of recent birthday banners:

Frozen birthday banner21st banner


Rita Angus tribute mural

In Auckland’s Newmarket, this is another colab with my pal Jacob Chrisohoou, and is in homage to one of our nation’s favorite painters, referencing two of her most popular works Rutu and Cass.  With thanks to The Estate of Rita Angus, Gordon Harris and Molotow.

Rita Angus mural

Murals for days!

Man, I been busy as… here’s some of my recent art on walls.  This first one is for one of my long-time clients The Radio Network, a feature wall in their boardroom of their Northland offices, Whangarei.

TRN North 1TRN North 2
Next, an outdoor playground mural for Redhills Community Kindy in Massey:

Redhills Kindy

…and another mural for LYC, this one in “Checkmate” gentlemen’s club in Wellington.

LYC Checkmate

Draw Art sign and a chalkboard

This is the street signage I created for Draw Art Supplies HQ with help from Paul Walsh… two Auckland artists who are always on the job!

Draw Art mural

..and a  chalk board for my old friends “The Conservatory”.

Conservatory chalk board

April wall murals NZ

Here’s some of my latest work… An office interior feature wall mural for Fidelity Insurance:

Fidellity office muralA shed I transformed on a farm in the delightful surrounds of Stillwater:

NZ farm mural 3NZ farm mural 1NZ farm mural 2…and some more creche fences for ABC, these in Manurewa:

ABC creche mural 1ABC creche mural 2ABC creche mural 3