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Spring Time graffiti murals

It’s being raining a lot, but I’ve still managed to paint plenty of wall art, or graffiti murals, or whatever you wanna call it!

First up, some office interior walls I’ve doing for the DHL offices in Auckland:

NZ office art

DHL office mural

DHL van

Some characters painted in the stairway going up to a Karaoke bar:

nightclub muralKareoke mural 1

A Steampunk theme for a new shop opening in Wellington:steampunk muralAn abstract bedroom feature wall:wall muralA chalkboard for Gravity Coffee:cafe coffee blackboardA 21st Birthday banner:21st birthday banner
And lastly, this one is from back during Matariki festival, painted live at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf for 2 Degrees.matariki mural

NZ Murals in the Autumn

It’s getting colder, but I’m not slowing down!  Here’s some of my latest work, firstly another feature wall for Gables restaurant:

Auckland mural

A quick graffiti piece I painted last month in Soho, Hong Kong:

Hong Kong graffiti

This is next one is up high in the flagship shop of NZ’s largest art supplies retailer, Gordon Harris:

art shop mural

This next graffiti piece is for a forthcoming new NZ TV series, they requested it to look authentic and not too detailed!

film set graffiti

A picture of my homeland on the garage door of MapCo in Tauranga:

garage mural

Another restaurant feature wall, this is in “Deco” in Titirangi, a reproduction of an old newspaper clipping.  Yes, this is hand-painted!

restaurant feature wall

And lastly, neither a mural nor graffiti, this a sand sculpture of a Maui dolphin with snapper in foreground, created with my talented colleagues Paul Walsh and Elliot Stewart out at Piha beach.

NZ sand sculpture

Talento & get it on

I’ve had a very busy month, making the most of the late summer by getting out and creating murals in Auckland… some for Ponsonby agency “Talento”  and some public health murals promoting safe sex.  Check em!

interior doorway mural graffiti painting in Auckland NZ


Ponsonby mural

This is a mural painted for the Grey Lynn / Ponsonby community on a construction site hoarding, next to other murals from other leading local artists.  Some of my finest work to date!

The mural depicts Auckland City as viewed from the Ponsonby Road ridgeline, in circa 1812.  Based on pictures from the Auckland Library and City Council archives, plus special thanks to local historian Edward Bennett.

historic Auckland heritage mural in Ponsonby
detail of historic Auckland heritage mural in Ponsonby
detail of historic Auckland heritage mural in Ponsonby