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Graffiti art in the summer

I’ve managed to get a bit of work done in between summer excursions and holidays, but now that February is here it’s all on!   These are some of recent commissions..

Crossfit MCR, coming soon to Epsom!

crossfit samuraicrossfit rider

Clothing store “Loaded” on Newmarket’s Broadway was ram-raided recently, and got me to capture the moment in a graffiti art mural painted on the temporary shop front!

Loaded NZ

And here’s a new one, a painting on a 21st key for a fan of the outdoors…

21st key

“Street Legal” art festival in Kawerau

The first time I’ve persisted at painting a wall in non-stop pouring rain… amazed I managed to get the paint to stick!  The mountain pictured is the local Maunga “Putauaki”.

… and here’s a cheerful mural from late last week, painted on the back of a flat in Onehunga.Backyard forest mural NZ