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Avatar scenery

Backdrop inspired by planet Pandora from the Avatar film painted for the “Get it On” tour… pics taken too close to get in one shot but you get the idea.

Fresh murals

Here’s some new artworks, both in Auckland.  Commissioned interior mural for Sodi Kart Racing:Sodi Kart Auckland graffiti art muralAnd Frucor Beverages (V):

Graffiti art office door mural

CK Shock promo artwork part 2

commissioned art done with paint marker pens at Auckland Airport’s duty free shop for new Calvin Klein CK Shock…  I’m out there this month Fridays- Mondays 11am – 4:30pm drawing on things!

graffiti art for CK by Jonny 4Higher

graffiti art for CK by Jonny 4Higher

graffiti art for CK by Jonny 4Higher

Battle Cry – B-boy crew nationals

this Saturday at Youthtown in Auckland City…  if you haven’t seen any kiwi breakdancing for a while you will be astounded how the scene has progressed.  All ages welcome, details below… also there’s gonna be a live graffiti demo on site.  Hope to see you n your fams there!

battle cry 08 flier

Don’t call it a comeback unless…

We are back. It’s the Disrup’ Music Re-up!  Feels like a new day.

New music we have, no art gallery or b-boys any more though, but we’re all still friends.  We are focused on music releases, gigs and Disruptiv TV show… and still creating beautiful graffiti artwork on request!  So have a look around our new site, it’s all good.

Next up is The Disruptiv Mixtape Volume 5!!  Stay tuned for the release, will be nationwide by May.  Also, we are joining forces with local rap extraordinaires “PotHeads” to put out their debut album, starting with the first single “Clean It Up”. Shooting the video for it in a couple of weeks…

Keep coming back now y’hear, cos now this site is active again it will be getting updated weekly. Churp!