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Hamilton to Hong Kong

Here are some of my recent works.  Firstly, some of the Cali-Mex restaurants in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong mural 1

Hong Kong mural 2

A local mural on some water tanks at a private residence:

water tank mural

…and as always, creche murals for days!Auckland creche mural

Hamilton mural

playground mural

creche mural


Murals and travel

I just had a lovely relaxing week in Queenstown… before that, painted these two murals in Taupo:

Taupo troutTotara Taupo mural
Here’s a chalkboard for a new cafe just round the corner from where I live in Newton, Auckland:

Cafe chalkboard

And now I’m off to do some art work in one of the greatest cities of the world.. Hong Kong!!