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LYC Hamilton

The latest and last mural for the “Love Your Condom” A public health campaign, this one in Hamilton’s “Shine” nightclub, featuring some local icons. Being a dark club, there were no house lights, I painted by the light of the DJ lamp! Apologies for the grimey flash photo..

LYC hamilton

Happy 2013!

back from a summer break… and was so keen to for it that i neglected to post my artworks from December before i went away! So here’s some recent pieces, firstly a trippy mural for a new Cafe “Milk Bottle Diner” in Kingsland:

Kingsland cafe graffiti art mural painting by NZ artist jonny 4higher
… and a small commissioned canvas showing Rangitoto island and some Pohutukawa flowers.. classic NZ scenery!

rangitoto painting
Mural for Family Bar on Auckland’s K Road:

mural art on wall at Family bar auckland by nz artist

family bar graffiti art mural auckland nz

and a couple more custom canvas paintings.

customised canvas art ship painting by Auckland artist Jonny 4Higher

auckland commissioned Love Life graffiti art canvas painting

custom art Mount Maunganui painting