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NZ Graffiti Murals

Some of my murals are in the graffiti style, which is where I first stared, but I enjoy the challenges of painting a wide variety of subjects.

This Auckland cafe mural is influenced by Art Nouveau:

… and this DJ booth in Hong Kong is in a graffiti style:

Pop art in design company’s office:

NZ nature is a popular theme.  This is a townhouse in Hamilton:

Two low walls at a school in Tokoroa:

Dwarves on the Pelorus river at a backpackers in Havelock:

A kid’s pool mural in a cartoon style:

Graphic styles in an office call centre:

A company vehicle mural in an office:

… and a boardroom mural with graffiti lettering:

Sodi Kart mural extention

The boys at Sodi Karts extended their workshop, and so got me back to extend the mural that i painted last year…

Sodi Racing Team Karts workshop interior mural by Auckland artist Jonny 4Higher
…and here’s the full mural as it now looks. Much sexier!!

Sodi Racing Team Karts workshop interior wall mural