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Winter warming graffiti art

Spring is starting to spring, which means outdoor mural season is nearly here!  I was fortunate to go do some graffiti art in a chain of shops in the warmth of Hong Kong, and plenty of other bits and pieces here too…

A background for Buddha in a backyard:

backyard Buddha

A power box outside Edukid’s creche in Manukau, with part of a large fence mural visible behind it:

creche power box
A blackboard down at Conservatory bar:
Conservatory rant
And a super duper birthday banner for a lucky kid:
Superhero birthday banner

more new art

Here’s some more of my recent work…

An office feature wall for cutting-edge research company Perceptive:

perceptive office mural
A power box in Newmarket, based on an old NZ stamp design:

kiwi power box
..and the front wall of Junior Junction creche:Junior Junctiontuatara