Fresh murals around NZ

I've been well busy as usual, here is my latest batch! Firstly, a wine bar feature wall: A lady's gym: Water tanks always look better with some colour! Street advertising for a movie: A humourous sports bar outside wall mural: Cafe pin-up art:Black and white wall illustration for Ticketmaster NZ:A long kindergarten fence:I'm not Paul Walsh, but sometimes I do paint on utility boxes:A restaurant feature wall out on the North Shore:Another Kindy fence:Recently painted interior mural at Loco's Cantina in Queenstown:Some greenery by an indoor pool: Auckland cafe feature walls: Capital Market, my favourite place to eat in Wellington: "Living wall" mural in Raglan: Stairway in Auckland retail store: Lion Rock mural in an Auckland meeting room:And some branded artwork on a busy Wellington convenience store: